About us

Your partner for your B2B data

Our activities

We are a B2B direct marketing organization with our own database and more than 20 years experience in target group determination and market analysis/profiling.

With all our possibilities we can create successful sales opportunities that our customers can use for direct mailing purposes, database management, market analysis, profiling or a combination of these.

Our vision

We are a partner (not a supplier) for our clients/customers, together we are helping them to realize the sales and marketing goals for their organization.

The ultimate goal of our partnership is and should be to improve the overall results of the organisation and the total satisfaction of all employees.

Our way of working

Detect targeted and successful sales opportunities for our partners by merging and analysing different data, based on market analysis and profiling, to find the potentials for future and existing customers.

Based on this information, we generate economic, financial and commercial insights that enable our partners to take successful actions with a competitive advantage and results.

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