How to determine the right target groups?

We know from experience that the most common target group determinations are usually based on activity sectors (NACE, SIC, ...), numbers of employees/workers, regions,...

With these selections you get a number of prospects that could become a customer.

However, a number of questions remain such as:

  • do these companies have the potential to purchase your products?
  • which are the most cost-effective and best commercial actions to take?
  • which regions have the best potential?
  • are there solutions and if so, which?

There is a solution for almost everything!

Based on our targeted and advanced market segmentations, Profiling, we have added additional selection criteria. This more detailed information/selection offers you the opportunity to perform a better, more targeted and cost-effective sales action.

Just shouting loudly to be heard is not enough, active entrepreneurship based on measurement is knowing is a better one. 

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