Manage you data in an easy, dynamic and flexible way?

Toptel-Data helps you to bring your data from customers and prospects to the higher level.

Without expensive and special software packages but with a simple, dynamic, flexible and user- friendly Excel application, can be used by most of us.

Toptel-Data monitors, improves and adds, where necessary, the company data of your existing customers and prospects, such as:

  • Zijn de adressen volledig en nog actueel? Uniforme schrijfwijze? Velden correct ingevuld?…
  • Zijn er gegevens die ontbreken? Zoals activiteit, omzet,…?
  • Are there doubles, inactive companies such as failures, etc.?
  • Are there companies with more or less buying behavior and which ones?

In short, Toptel-Data offers quality, added value with the necessary knowledge and attention for your organization.

Your benefits:

  • Correcte data-gegevens voor uw marketing- en salesactiviteiten, facturatie,…
  • No investment in new expensive software applications
  • Optimal data structure for simple and dynamic reporting
  • Quick adjustment by yourself or your colleagues
  • Very user-friendly for all employees and departments

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Discover how powerful data can help you achieve your goals successfully.
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