A review brings more clarity to your customer and prospect files

The past "Corona" year has not been easy for most of us and customer acquisition in particular has been and is a challenge, now even more than before Corona.

The light is starting to shine in this dark "Covid 19" tunnel. We see more and better perspectives on both social, relational and business, so we can now prepare ourselves to function even better commercially. Part of this preparation is to bring more clearness to your customer and prospect files to realize optimal customer acquisition, a thorough review and analysis is the solution. 

"Data" is sometimes called the "new gold" and is part of the solution , only it is "not new", a number of companies already know and use these "data systems" to make their business function very successfully at cost and very profitable.

Some of this data is in your possession, another part is in our possession that can be added. 

Merging this data ensures that you can grow your business optimally n a solid basis and generate positive results both in terms of:

  • Targeted and efficient customer acquisition
  • Optimal assessment of the market, region,
  • Detailed market overviews, by product/service
  • Correct budgeting
  • Strategic planning and decisions at all levels

Choose from this offer and let us know what your wishes are,

We do the rest

1. Data-analysis

Basic package

  • File Audit: 
    • Formatting and cleaning
    • Reporting
  • File Update:
    • Corrections and additions

2. Profiling

Plus package (incl. 1. Data-analysis)

  • Data additions: 
    • Additional data
  • Data ranking:
    • Customer and prospect segmentation
  • Data reporting

3. Market potential

Full package (incl. 1. Data-analyse & 2. Profiling)

  • Classification of the remaining market 
  • Segmented total view of the market
  • Reporting

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